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Protect Your Rights: Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

As a couple is planning to spend their lives together, it is important for them to take into consideration the effect that marriage laws will have on their property and their finances. Prenuptial agreements allow couples to protect their assets and their financial stability in the event of a divorce.

At Jackman & Kasody PLLC, a divorce and family Law firm in Oakland County, Michigan, we are committed to providing thorough, knowledgeable counsel to individuals as they plan for marriage. Our lawyers walk clients through their options, helping them craft contracts that fit their needs and the needs of their future spouse.

We represent clients in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Livingston and Washtenaw counties.

The Benefits Of A Premarital Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are not necessary for every couple, but can help many protect their personal assets by making a clear record of any premarital property or assets that should not be subject to division by the court if a couple were to divorce.

Most often, prenuptial agreements are used by individuals with significant assets or income, which they want to protect. An agreement may outline property division and spousal support restrictions, which will be enforceable in the event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements are also beneficial when clients have children with someone other than their future spouse.

At Jackman & Kasody PLLC, our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined legal experience, giving them the background, legal knowledge and skill to help clients successfully navigate the legal restrictions placed on prenuptial agreements. They guide clients through the entire process, ensuring that disclosure and timing restrictions do not prevent the agreement from being enforced in the future.

Considering A Prenuptial Agreement? Talk It Through With Jackman & Kasody

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