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When can child support be modified?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Child Support

The need to modify a child support order may come up at some point following a divorce. Parents who have concerns about modifying child support should be familiar with when a child support modification may be possible.

Change in circumstances

Both child custody and child support may be modified in some situations. A parent who needs to change a child support or child custody order must request a modification from the court.  

Parents who are interested in making a child support modification request should act promptly. Child support modification is not official until it is approved by the family law court. Parents can also agree to a child support modification but not changes should be made until the modification is approved by the family law court. The paying parent should continue making child support payments according to the current order until a modification has been completed.

Child support modifications may be possible if there has been a significant change in circumstances. Examples of a significant change in circumstances can include if the parent’s income increases or decreases; if the parent becomes seriously ill or disabled; if one of the parents remarries; or if the needs of the child change. It is also important for the parent requesting the child custody modification based on a significant change in circumstances to know how to document their change in circumstances. The need for a child support modification may be significant for both parents which is why they should both understand the process of requesting a child support modification.