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Divorce in the smartphone age can involve spy tech

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2018 | Divorce

Social media, smartphones and other technology can play an important role in the divorces of Michigan residents. Whether social media postings led one partner to rekindle an old relationship or the use of video games or other technology led to distance in a marriage, divorce has become just as connected to tech as other aspects of modern American life. Even when technology had no connection to the decision, people may be concerned about social media rumors or stories about screenshots being introduced into divorce proceedings. However, an even greater and more dangerous concern can be digital spying or electronic surveillance that makes use of GPS tracking, smartphone apps, remote video recording and other devices.

Of course, this is a particularly relevant concern in relationships that involve abuse or controlling behavior, because the use of technology to monitor and control can extend into the divorce itself. Some partners may justify their use of spying technology as being a legitimate mechanism to expose infidelity, drug use or other concerns; however, it can also be a mechanism to perpetuate controlling behavior and even lead to harassment or physical confrontations.

There is often little recourse for these issues. It can be difficult to prove who is responsible for malware on a computer or smartphone, and even more egregious surveillance like a GPS tracker applied to a car can be considered legal if the vehicle is still titled in both spouses’ names prior to a divorce settlement.

For people going through the end of a marriage who are troubled by the potential for electronic surveillance or other technological interventions in the divorce, legal counsel can be a critically important ally. Oakland County, Michigan, divorce attorneys can provide representation to seek accountability and put an end to the use of spying technology as well as representing their clients’ overall interests in the divorce settlement.