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When couples should get divorced

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2017 | Divorce

Although many Michigan couples do whatever it takes to avoid getting a divorce, there are some cases where a divorce may be beneficial for all involved. These cases include when a spouse is physically, emotionally or verbally abusive to the other spouse or children, if the spouse has an addiction to alcohol or drugs or the marriage is an example of an unhealthy relationship.

When a spouse is abusive to other members of the family, the situation is not healthy for anyone involved. An abusive home life can cause kids to become extremely stressed, which can have an impact on their school performance and may even cause depression. On the other hand, having a partner who is addicted to alcohol or drugs can also put emotional stress and financial stress on the other spouse, especially if the addicted partner is not able to function.

Those who are in a loveless or otherwise unhealthy marriage may want to get a divorce. Couples who spend all of their time at home arguing may be creating a stressful situation for the children. Not only does this potentially set a terrible example for the kids, but the children eventually may be more likely to stay in miserable marriages that are not working because their parents did.

If a former couple decides that it is time to move on and get a divorce, there are ways that the marriage can be ended in an amicable manner. For example, a former couple may go through the mediation process or a collaborative divorce, which gives them more control over the division of their marital property. Michigan divorce attorneys could assist with determining the value of all marital assets while negotiating a divorce settlement agreement.