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Custody dispute between Nicole Curtis and child’s father

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2016 | Child Custody

Nicole Curtis, star of the HGTV show “Rehab Addict” has been in a protracted custody battle with her ex-boyfriend and the father of her 1-year-old child Harper. Michigan residents might recall that Shane Maguire filed a paternity suit when a DNA test proved that he was the child’s father. Curtis’ reply was to ask for child support as well as payment for child care and the cost of the child’s birth. The court gave Maguire rights to weekend visitations but also ruled that he had to pay child support and half the cost of the birth after insurance.

Curtis then alleged that Maguire failed to use a car seat or dress the child adequately for cold weather. She asked for permission to move from Minnesota to California with the child. The court allowed it but said that she would have to pay part of the costs for Maguire to continue his visits.

Maguire then argued that Curtis was interfering with his time to see the child. The two had differing stories about what had happened over a weekend when she did not permit him to visit Harper.

In a child custody dispute, a judge will make a decision based on the best interests of the child. However, it may not be fruitful for parents to repeatedly return to court to fight about custody and other issues. One problem is that it may be stressful for the child. An alternative might be for parents to write up a plan for dealing with conflict that they include in their parenting agreement. For issues dealing with changes in custody, support or relocation, parents may need to consult their Oakland County child custody lawyers and should get permission from the court to make changes.

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