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Understanding Custody And Support Modifications

Custody and support orders may seem as if they’re set in stone. People’s circumstances change all the time, though, and it’s possible that you may need to revisit and revise your orders at some point. When, though, is it the right time to do so?

The family law attorneys at Jackman & Kasody PLLC are versed in the rules of custody and support modifications. We have extensive experience helping people in Oakland County – and throughout Michigan – take the steps they need to create a better situation for their families.

Modifying Child Custody

In Michigan, parents can modify a custody order for two reasons: proper cause or a change in circumstances. These reasons are similar, and both may be applicable when unexpected events (positive or negative) arise after the entry of the last custody order.

One reason parents may try to modify their custody order is “Change of Domicile” – Michigan’s legal term for parental relocation. In the recent past, courts were more likely to approve this modification. Since shared parenting is now the norm, it’s become far more difficult for custodial parents to move their children out of state.

Modifying Child Support

Parents can request child support modifications if they can demonstrate their personal or financial circumstances have changed. Often, these changes relate to a rise or reduction in income, but they can also relate to health issues, medical expenses or changes in one parent’s household structure. To request a child support modification, parents must go through the court where their order was first entered.

Modifying Spousal Support

A change in spousal support, whether a modification or termination, requires either the payor or the payee to demonstrate a change in circumstances. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • The payee achieves financial independence
  • The payee cohabitates with a significant other
  • The payee remarries
  • The payor experiences a reduction in income

Our Firm Has Long Experience With Modifications Of Family Court Orders

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