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Parallel parenting custody arrangements

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Child Custody And Parenting Time.

Today, families are more diverse than ever. This focuses on the idea that the nuclear family is no longer how families are formed in Michigan and elsewhere. Parents may never wed, they might divorce or they may include same-sex parents, adopted children and even foster children. Thus, the range of parenting styles is vast, especially when it comes to addressing child custody due to a split or divorce.

While it might seem ideal to have both parents work together and collaborate in raising their child separately, the reality is that a co-parenting relationship is not conducive, healthy or even safe for the parties involved. Therefore, it is imperative to consider other options such as parallel parenting.

Parallel parenting

When shared custody is likely the best for the children involved, parents need to develop a parenting plan that will help promote this. When it is difficult for former spouses to get along, communicate or work together, parallel parenting may be the solution to forge a workable custody arrangement.

How it works

Parallel parenting limits the number of interactions each parent will have with each other. This in turn helps reduce the chances of them fighting or having a negative interaction in from of their children. In essence, parallel parenting allows each parent to parent their child as they see fit while it is their time with the child. Unless it is an important matter or something that needs to be communicated occurs because it relates to their school, health or other shared interests, parents can have very little interactions with each other.

There is not perfect or correct way to parent following a divorce; however, there are different type of custody arrangements that may be more suitable than others. Thus, it is important to consider these options and how best to resolve this and other family law issues that may exist.