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The positive impact a father can have on his child’s life

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | Paternity

Regardless of what the law says, mothers are often favored in child custody disputes. That’s unfair, and it can leave a father feeling overlooked and cheated. But fathers who find themselves facing child custody challenges shouldn’t be deterred from seeking the time they deserve with their children. After all, a father can play a powerful role in his child’s life.

How a father’s involvement affects a child

While research on parental impact on child development has traditionally focused on mothers, more data has been collected on fathers’ involvement in recent years. The data is clear that an active and engaged father can have a profound impact on his child’s life. Some studies have found that children who have a supportive father in their life develop a higher degree of social competence, and their relationships with their peers are healthier and stronger. These children can also develop higher IQ scores and more developed language skills.

But the benefits don’t end there. Children who have an active and supportive father in their life can avoid more psychological problems, decrease their risky behavior, and increase their likelihood of obtaining a higher paying job in the future. Additionally, fathers who are able to get along with their child’s mother model healthy interactions and relationships, which can mold how that child views and develops his or her own relationship.

Do what is necessary to stay involved with your child

As you can see, the influence that a father can have on his child’s life is profound. That’s why it’s important that you fight to ensure that you can play that integral role in your child’s life. We know that isn’t always easy, especially if your child’s mother is trying to freeze you out of your child’s life, but there may be legal tactics available to you to help you achieve the outcome that you desire. To learn more, consider reaching out to a law firm that is experienced in handling complicated child custody matters.