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Father jailed over social media posts involving a custody case

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Child Custody

A Macomb County man’s tragic story of frustration and loss took another turn when he was arrested for social media posts that the judge in his child custody case found potentially threatening.

When the man divorced his wife, he asked the court for full custody of his toddler son. He claimed that the boy’s mother posed a danger to him. The court disagreed and awarded joint custody. Sadly, the boy died in the mother’s care — although the police believe it was from natural causes.

Unfortunately, the father didn’t accept that answer. He took to social media to criticize the judge who had heard his custody case and someone identified as a friend of the court.

He ultimately used Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to spread his feelings far and wide. Even after his initial arrest, he continued to post online about the story — an act that caused the criminal court judge to revoke his bail. He’s being charged with malicious use of telecommunication services.

This situation is an important reminder for parents who are involved in a custody dispute with their ex-spouse. You can assume that your social media posts are being watched by the other party, their attorney and possibly the court.

Posting anything hostile to the court or anything that could be perceived as threatening to others could land you in jail — and sink your custody case for good. As frustrated as you may be with how your case is going, you don’t want to antagonize the court and compound your problems. Talk to your attorney about your legal options instead.