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Tips for surviving Valentine’s Day after a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Divorce

Surviving Valentine’s Day as a singleton is never easy. It’s even harder when you are single because of a recent divorce. Every time Valentine’s season rolls around, it can be a painful reminder of the marriage that you lost, and of the difficult reality as a single, divorced adult. Fortunately, there are a few practices that you can implement to get through this holiday intact.

  • Focus on other types of love

Most people think of romantic love when they think of Valentine’s Day. But there are other types of love that you can celebrate, such as familial and platonic love. Spend some quality time with your family members and tell them how much they mean to you. Make plans with your friends for a night out or a night in. This will remind you that love does not come only in the form of a romantic relationship.

  • Spread love to those in need

Volunteering is a perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Instead of focusing on the loss of your marriage, donating your time is a reminder of everything that you still have. Not only will you have a meaningful way to pass your evening, but you will also pass love on to those who are less fortunate.

  • Spend time with your children

If you have children with your ex, you probably have a shared parenting schedule. This year, if the kids spend Valentine’s Day with you, make it a special celebration. Cook a meal together, make a craft or just have a fun family night. If your former spouse has them on Valentine’s Day, spend that evening planning a special time for just you and the kids.

  • Ask for support

Even if you implement all of these tips, the Valentine’s holiday may still feel painful. You may wish to seek strength by talking to a mental health practitioner, religious leader or other people you trust. Remember: soon, Valentine’s Day will pass, and you can once again move forward in your life.