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Sweep targeting individuals owing child support held

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Child Custody

On Nov. 27, news sources in Michigan reported that the Macomb County Sheriff’s office in partnership with the Macomb County Friend of the Court would be conducting a week-long enforcement sweep targeting local residents with outstanding child support warrants. According to law enforcement officials, extra deputies were assigned exclusively to the project, which was scheduled to begin on Dec. 4. Sources indicated that authorities try to conduct the warrant sweep on an annual basis.

The sweep was announced in advance to give parties with the outstanding warrants an opportunity to avoid being taken into police custody. An additional opportunity was reportedly available to some individuals who appeared voluntarily at the Friend of the Court Office to pay their dues. A review of the circumstances surrounding each of their cases could qualify some parties for a special program aimed at reducing the amount of child support arrearages that they owed.

The public was asked to notify the Macomb County Friend of the Court of the known whereabouts of any person with an outstanding warrant. However, comments made by the sheriff’s department indicated that authorities intended to make the details of the sweep available to parties with the warrants in advance. Officials appeared hopeful that affected individuals who became aware of the operation before the sweep began would take the necessary steps to avoid arrest.

Non-payment of court-ordered child support is a serious matter in Michigan. Although the sweep discussed here was set to take place in Macomb County, local residents with concerns regarding child support enforcement may want to contact available Oakland County child custody lawyers for help in resolving their matters. The chosen attorney could protect the client’s rights and possibly see that any issue regarding a child support arrearage is resolved in a timely manner.