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How to handle the holiday season after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2017 | Divorce

Parents in Michigan who get a divorce might need to plan for how they and their children will spend the holidays. Having children move between homes can be stressful for the children, but parents usually want to see their children for holidays as well. One of the first steps parents should take is putting the focus on the children instead of their own feelings.

The first year or two after the divorce can be particularly hard for both parents and children. If parents are unable to be with their children during the holidays, they should spend the time with friends and family. Parents spending time with their children should take the opportunity to introduce new traditions.

Parents should not try to use extravagant gifts to make up for the situation. It is better to focus on spending time together. Parents should not say negative things about the other parent or try to get revenge on that parent by refusing to be flexible about custody and visitation during the busy holiday season.

Taking the high road in this way is usually the best choice in all interactions having to do with co-parenting during and after the divorce. If the decision about child custody goes to litigation, a judge may look more favorably upon a parent who tries to cooperate with the other parent. If the parents are negotiating child custody and visitation themselves with the help of Oakland County, Michigan divorce attorneys, putting the best interests of the child first may help them make the best decisions. What to do about holidays might be part of the custody and visitation agreement, or it might be dealt with separately in a parenting agreement that the parents put together. The children may also want to have some input into how holidays are spent.