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Deciding whether or not to divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Divorce

Some couples in Michigan may have heard that half of marriages end in divorce. However, in some cases, divorce might be the right choice. If people going through a divorce can shift their thinking away from the idea that divorce means the relationship is a failure, they may be able to proceed with the divorce without emotions like guilt or resentment interfering with their divorce agreement.

If there is abuse in a relationship, this is usually an indication that the marriage is over. If there has been infidelity or if one person is tempted by infidelity and cannot get past it, this may also be an indication that it is time to divorce. If the couple tries counseling and it is unsuccessful, particularly if they have tried multiple counselors, this could also suggest that it may be time for divorce because the marriage cannot be salvaged.

Counseling may not work because the couple simply cannot be happy together any longer. They might have grown too far apart to come back together and may have contradictory goals. They might also be mired in anger and resentment they cannot get past. A marriage may still continue in these conditions even if both people are miserable, but it probably would not be considered a success.

A person who is considering divorce might want to contact a divorce attorney. Talking with an attorney about the financial and child custody implications of a divorce might help a person make a decision. For example, if there is abuse in the marriage, a parent might be concerned about protecting a child. A person who has not worked outside the home may have questions about spousal support while a person who has recently received an inheritance may wonder if it will be considered marital property.