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Some occupations have higher divorce rates than others

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | Divorce

People in Michigan may be more or less likely to get a divorce based on their profession according to the 2015 American Community survey presented by FlowingData. Among the occupations least likely to get a divorce were software developers, medical professionals, scientists and actuaries. Other occupations that have a lower divorce rate are related to rural lifestyles, such as farming, forestry, the military or fishing. People who work in fields involving nightlife or travel, including bartenders and casino workers, have the highest divorce rate.

At a glance, the professions with the lowest divorce rate offer more stable schedules. However, there is also a correlation with income. On average, occupations that have a higher income have lower divorce rates. There is also a correlation between divorce rate, income and the likelihood of a child’s illness.

In 2015, the national divorce rate was around 35 percent. Many occupations cluster around this national average, including maintenance and repair and office and administrative support.

Unfortunately, divorce may happen regardless of profession or income level. However, elements such as these might be a factor in how the divorce proceeds. Couples with few assets and no children may be able to get through a divorce more quickly and less expensively than those who have a number of assets and children and who have been married for many years. How the divorce proceeds might also depend on how well the couple can cooperate. For example, one couple might be able to negotiate property division, child custody and other elements while another might need to go before a judge. If one person in the couple is in the military, there are a number of special considerations. In such cases, the length of the marriage may determine what benefits the other partner receives. People considering divorce may want to contact a divorce attorney about their particular situation.