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Dealing with a toxic ex while raising a child

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | Child Custody

For Michigan parents who have gone through a divorce, working with a toxic ex can be difficult, especially if the ex treats or behaves poorly towards the other parent and even the child. However, getting tips can be difficult due to the fact that there are many reasons the ex may be difficult. It could be due to domestic abuse, inability to properly parent the child or addiction.

Those who are in this type of a situation need to keep in mind that the children and their needs are most important. By keeping the children as the focus, parents may be able to better navigate the situation. As such, parents should only communicate with the ex when it is about important issues regarding the child. Parents should avoid bringing up unfinished issues surrounding a failed marriage or relationship. Further, parents can try to avoid the triggers that cause the negative reactions when they do have to talk.

Parents have the right to move on once the relationship is over. However, they should be careful with the information that they give to the toxic ex. As such, parents should maintain their boundaries when it comes to discussion of topics that do not involve the raising of the child.

When parents get a divorce, they will likely be required to work together until their children at least reach the age of 18, especially if they share custody. If the parents already have a parenting schedule that determines when each parent has the child, it is likely that the schedule will have to change as the child grows up. Oakland County child custody lawyers could go back to court to request a modification to the parenting schedule.