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Shared parenting can be a preferred outcome

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Child Custody

Working divorced moms in Michigan and across the country can benefit from shared parenting arrangements. Making shared parenting the norm after divorce or separation can help both mothers and fathers to maintain and build their careers and their deep relationships with their children.

Canada, for example, has a higher percentage of women in the workforce, and many people in the United States have looked to their northern neighbor for tips that can help to decrease the risk of poverty for women and children. One such example is the predominant expectation of shared parenting in divorce and custody cases.

In over 80 percent of child custody cases in the United States, sole custody is awarded to mothers. While this number changes sharply when fathers actively seek custody, this result can often keep mothers in a homemaker or stay-at-home-parent role. On the other hand, shared parenting is a flexible custody arrangement that prioritizes equal time for both mothers and fathers.

Assuming shared parenting as a default means that joint physical custody would be considered the standard unless there is a reason to depart from it. This helps mothers to re-enter the workforce and has also been shown to strongly benefit children. Close interaction with both parents through shared parenting arrangements help to keep children’s emotional and physical ties strong with their fathers and mothers. In addition, fathers benefit as well as they remain active, involved parts of their children’s lives and parents in the full sense of the word.

When dealing with child custody issues, many parents attempt to negotiate an agreement with the help of their respective family law attorneys. If they are unable to reach an accord, they might want to try mediation first rather than proceeding directly to litigation.