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Studies show shared parenting benefits the kids after divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Divorce

Many Michigan parents who are ending their marriage may know that in the past the children would stay with the mother if the parents got a divorce. In some cases, the father’s role in raising the children would become diminished, preventing him from being able to foster a positive relationship with the kids. However, evidence showed that children and fathers often wanted and needed more time together than they were getting.

Research shows that it was beneficial for the children when both parents remained involved in the kids’ lives. In fact, it was found that children who lived with each parent at least 35 percent of the time tend to have better relationships with both parents. Further, they also tend to do better in school. They are also less likely to get drunk, use drugs and smoke. Further research indicates that children with shared parenting arrangements are generally benefited regardless of the parents’ income.

Despite the benefits, some psychologists argue that the young children should still spend the majority of their time with their mother. In fact, some believe that allowing dads to care for young children jeopardizes young children’s well-being. Other research shows that having dads get a chance to care for their young children is beneficial to both.

While shared parenting arrangements are usually beneficial for all involved, there are certain cases where it may be more appropriate for only one parent to have custody. For example, it may be beneficial for parents who have a history of substance abuse or domestic violence to be allowed only supervised visitation, if that. If this is an issue, an Oakland County, Michigan divorce attorney could assist a parent in seeking sole physical custody.