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Incorporating nesting into a custody agreement

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2017 | Child Custody

Michigan parents who are negotiating custody agreements might be looking for more creative options outside of traditional shared parenting agreements. One arrangement that is becoming more popular with parents is the concept of nesting.

Nesting is based on the principle of shared parenting, where children spend about equal time with both parents. However, a nesting plan means that the children stay in the original family home while parents alternate living there too. The reasons for this is to provide stability for children during the turbulent times of divorce.

Since it requires extreme cooperation and understanding between the parents, nesting will not work for all families. It is also an arrangement that is normally set up for a limited time while a permanent parenting plan is being established. In some cases, a nesting plan may confuse children a lead them to believe that the parents will get back together. Additionally, both parents must be in agreement with the nesting plan since it is usually not a court-ordered plan. The benefits, however, seem to point toward children who feel more secure during an insecure time and might even be able to deal better with the changes a divorce brings.

A parent who needs help setting up a custody agreement may want to speak with a lawyer. An attorney may explain the state laws as well as the challenges and benefits from each parenting plan option. A lawyer can also represent parents in custody negotiations, allowing parents to concentrate on their children more during this sensitive process.