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Preparing for a child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2017 | Child Custody

When Michigan parents no longer want to stay together, they will have to decide who will be the primary caregiver of their child. If they cannot amicably come to an agreement, a custody dispute could ensue, during which the former couple will have to go in front of a judge who will then determine what is right for the child. Parents should go in with a solid plan when it comes to seeking custody.

First, parents should not assume that the judge will see their point of view. As such, they should go in with the focus of doing what is best for the child and not necessarily for them. They should also be fully aware of the factors that are often involved in determining child support. For example, they may factor in who the better parent is, any documentation one or the other parent has and proper court etiquette.

Finally, parents should attempt to avoid going into a full-blown child custody dispute if they can. Because it is up to the court regarding who will actually get the child, compromising may be the best way for both parents to get partially what they want. However, if both parents are still determined to seek sole custody, they must be prepared for the court’s decisions.

When a parent is facing a child custody dispute, Oakland County child custody lawyers may be able to assist with preparing the parent for court. Counsel may help gather documentation to show that the parent has been the primary caregiver of the children by taking them to their medical appointments and being more involved in their everyday lives. If the other parent wants to compromise, the attorneys may assist with devising a visitation schedule so that the custody case can be settled quickly.