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When parents want to relocate after a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2016 | Child Custody

It is common for Michigan parents to enter into a new relationship after they have gotten divorced. In some cases, these new partners may live far away, and the parents may want to move closer to them. When there are children involved, it is important for the parents to think about how moving will affect the children as well as the ex-spouse’s parenting time.

Relocating with children involves more than simply moving them to a new school. After a divorce, many children rely primarily on their friends for support. When they are moved, they lose that supportive network. The other parent may also not be able to exercise the parenting time that the child custody and parenting time order provided for and may object to the move as a result.

When non-custodial parents wish to move, they may also want to think about the effect it will have on his or her children. The relationship they have with their children may suffer when they them less often. There may also be added expenses involving transportation in order to exercise parenting time. They may also have to pay a greater amount of child support.

Relocation can in many cases cause a severe child custody dispute. In some cases, attorneys for the parents might suggest mediation to their clients as a way to come to a resolution of the issue. This involves a trained and neutral third party who will attempt to help the parents find a solution. Parents should realize that they are still entitled to have legal representation throughout the process.