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Divorce risk goes up when the husband does not work

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2016 | Divorce

Unfortunately, many marriages in Michigan will end in divorce. While there are a number of different factors that might contribute to a divorce, a recent study demonstrates that the work status of the husband is correlated with a higher risk for divorce.

The study, which was conducted by a Harvard University sociology professor, found no relationship between the work status of a woman and the probability of divorce for couples who were married after 1975. While women who performed fewer household chores before that time had an increased likelihood of becoming divorce, women in more modern marriages are no likelier to divorce whether they work outside of the home or instead choose to stay at home and fulfill traditional homemaker roles.

The same is not true for men, however. Instead, the risk of divorce was correlated with the man’s work status. Men who were unemployed were much likelier to go through divorces than were men who worked. The study’s author stated that she believes that men who are unemployed are more likely to have undergone an involuntary employment action rather than choosing the status, increasing other pressures on the family. The researcher reviewed data from 6,300 different-sex marriages for the study.

People who are considering ending their marriages may want to consult with a divorce attorney for advice. An attorney may be able to analyze his or her client’s specific case in order to make recommendations about the approach that might benefit him or her the most. After drafting and filing the divorce petition, the attorney may work to negotiate a settlement with the other spouse. If a full agreement is reached, the attorney might then file it with the court that has jurisdiction so that the court will accept it and enter it as part of the final orders in the divorce case.