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Child Support Orders Can Be Modified

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In order to modify a current child support order a party must establish that there has been a change of circumstances since the entry of the last child support order. Examples might include:

  • A parent’s income increases or decreases
  • A parent is seriously ill or has become disabled
  • A parent remarries
  • The child’s needs change

The court may also consider such factors as extraordinary medical expenses, incurred on behalf of one of the parties or the minor children, in modifying a child support order. The court must employ the Michigan Child Support Formula in determining the proper amount of child support.

Child support modifications can be simplified if both parents agree to the new amount; an experienced family law attorney can guide you through the process. It is also important to note that you must request a modification from the same court that granted the initial order.

If circumstances have changed, it is important to act quickly to obtain a modification. Don’t wait until you are unable to pay, and if at all possible, don’t reduce or stop your payments before your order has been modified. Michigan authorities take failure to pay seriously and act swiftly to enforce existing orders. If the change in your circumstances will not be permanent, temporary modifications are available.